Pair 1

Double split boy and yellow sided hen

This pair was my original pair of greencheek conures i got them three years ago and they have bred for me each year since. This year, however is the first year that they have double clutched, which is due to me pulling the babies at 2 weeks old. I found that they will lay more eggs if they have more calcium. This year they bred 2 yellow sided boys, 2 yellowsided and one double split boy (In the first clutch). The colours that I got in the second clutch are yet to be determined, but I am fairly sure that i have at least 1 pineapple girl and maybe one cinnamon. But I am yet to determine if only the pineapple's have red eyes, or if cinnamons do as well. They have now triple clutched and have 6 babies so far...Yay!Jasper, Rose and Esme