Pair 3

Yellowsided/cinnamon with cinnamon

When I put this pair together at the beginning of the year I had no idea that the boy was split to cinnamon, but then I looked at their first clutch of babies and saw that I had either a 2 pineapples/cinnamon's. And I was so excited because you're guaranteed to get pineapples with this pairing. And then the guy that we got the cinnamon hen off, a very good friend of ours, has first pick of the clutch; and since I've been gloating just a bit, I decided to give him a pineapple if there is one. I haven't told him yet...I'll wait till I know definitely that there is a pineapple. The yellow sided split cinnamon was actually bred by pair 1 and the cinnamon we got off a friend of ours because it had been attacked as a baby and only has one leg, but so far she is a brilliant breeder.